NEDSI’s Annual Conference recognizes and awards outstanding achievements and contributions.


Papers submitted to NEDSI 2025 will be considered for the following awards:

  • David M. Levine Best Paper Award in Innovative Teaching
  • Richard Briotta Best Paper Award in Knowledge Management/Strategy
  • Bryant University Best Paper Award in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Best Application of Theory Award
  • Best Contribution to Theory Award
  • Best Overall Conference Paper Award
  • Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award
  • Undergraduate/Master Poster Awards

Other awards can be given at the discretion of the program chair.

Review and selection process (all awards except the Undergraduate poster awards):

  • The process starts during the submission review process, where reviewers nominate papers for awards.
  • From this set of nominated papers, the awards committee (put together by the conference chair), determines which papers are chosen for each award. Papers are evaluated based on their contributions to innovative teaching (Levine award) or research (all other awards).
  • If no paper qualifies for one or more of the awards, that award will not be given that year.
  • These awards need to be determined prior to the printing of the conference program (all award winners, except the Best Overall Conference Paper, are listed in the program). This leaves the time between when the submission review process ends and program printing as the longest time the awards committee can take to make their selections.

Review and selection process (for the Undergraduate poster awards):

  • The process starts at the NEDSI conference, where conference attendees (faculty and industry participants) are asked to rate the poster presentations and are provided forms to do so. Conference chairs, at their discretion, can offer an incentive for conference attendees to rate the poster presentations (such as two free drink tickets at the President’s reception).
  • The three (at least) highest rated poster presentations receive the Undergraduate Poster awards.

Award presentations:

  • All awards are presented at the awards dinner/lunch.
  • Awardees receive an award certificate from NEDSI, as well as a cash award.
  • Amazon gift cards can substitute for cash awards. This works especially well for the Undergraduate Poster awards, because they are not chosen until the conference.

Award Descriptions